Titan Merchandise Announce Edward Scissorhands & Doctor Who ‘Fantastic!’ Vinyl Collections

Titan Logo TNTitan Merchandise two solicited two new collections of vinyls – an Edward Scissorhands “I’m Not Finished” collection and a Doctor Who 9th Doctor “Fantastic!” collection.

The “I’m Not Finished” collection celebrates cult favorite movie Edward Scissorhands with 4 vinyls of Edward, Avon lady Peg Boggs, her daughter Kim and six others (including a dinosaur hedge!). Each 3″ figure is blind boxed and there are 12 main figures with 4 hidden chase vinyl.

The Doctor Who “Fantastic!” collection takes you back to 2005 and the relaunch of Doctor Who with a series of vinyl figures from the 9th Doctor’s series. The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Captain Jack and a half dozen other characters make up this assortment. There are 12 characters in the assortment of 3″ blind box figures as well as 4 chase figures.

Check out both series below, they should be available this fall.Titan Ent Doctor Who Fantastic Titan Ent - Edwards Scissorhands


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