Two Favorites To Join Hasbro’s Star Wars Rebels Toy Line

starwarsIf you saw this week’s season 1 final of Star Wars Rebels, then you probably know which figures Hasbro will be releasing this fall as a mission series 2-pack.  If you haven’t watched…well you should…but SPOILERS get spoiled after the jump.

The episode ends with the reintroduction of everyone’s favorite Clone Wars padawan – Ahsoka Tano. She’s been playing a role in season 1, but under the assumed identify Fulcrum. Also in the finale, the Inquisitor meets his (supposed) end and Darth Vader arrives to deal with the rebel problem.

Both of these characters will be released in the Rebels style this fall. Check them out below.

Hasbro Rebels Ahsoka and Darth Vader Action Figures

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