What I Opened Today: Westland Giftware’s Marvel Superheroes Cookie Jar

marvel_logoRight before my holiday break, I was greeted by a big box of Westland Giftware products from Entertainment Earth.  If you’re not familiar with Westland Giftware, they offer a huge range of household products such as cookie jars, barware, snow globes and more all decked out in some of your favorite properties including Marvel comics, DC Comics, Star Trek, and Peanuts to name just a few. Today I’ve opened up the Marvel Superheroes Cookie Jar which is available on Entertainment Earth for $44.99.

Thoughts: The Marvel Superheroes Cookie Jar comes packaged in a giant Marvel Comics Westland Giftware Box. The design is the same as the Wolverine Night Light earlier this week just bigger, much bigger. If you didn’t read that review, the box features de-colored comic panels with color artwork of Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor. The art has a distinct vintage feel to it. Opening the box reveals the Cookie Jar in a big foam block, certain to keep it safe during it’s shipping.

The Marvel Superheroes Cookie Jar is big – about 10″ wide, 7″ deep and 12″ from the base to the top. Depicted on the cookie jar are Captain America, Wolverine, the Hulk and Spider-Man. Spider-Man serves as the handle for the lid, which when lifted off the base reveals plenty of room for cookies. Which is essential for a cookie jar, I think.

The cookie jar is ceramic, so you do need to be careful with it to avoid breaking or chipping but personally, I greatly prefer ceramic cookie jars over plastic or other materials. Maybe it’s weird to have a cookie jar material preference, but I do…and it’s ceramic.

The sculpt on the cookie jar definitely leans towards a vintage aesthetic and some liberties are taken with the design – being a cookie jar and all. For example Hulk is HUGE compared to the other heroes, but in this context it works. Having Hulk be the base for the majority of the cookie jar is far more fun than it being a pile of rocks. The paint on the cookie jar is quite good – particularly Spidey, he has a ton more detail than I would have expected. I also really like the Hulk’s expression – the whole thing just exudes fun.

Summary: The Marvel Superheroes Cookie Jar would be a fun addition to your kitchen and will hold plenty of cookies. It’s got a fun sculpt and nice detailing…I’m pretty sure that this Marvel Superheroes cookie jar will take the place of my TARDIS cookie jar on the kitchen counter. If you want one for your counter, you can find it here and other Westland Giftware at Entertainment Earth – there’s a ton of different cookie jars!

Thanks to AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Entertainment Earth for supplying the Marvel Superheroes Cookie Jar for review. Any purchases made from Entertainment Earth from links at AwesomeToyBlog help keep the show going and are appreciated!

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