What I Opened Today: Transformers Masterpiece Wheeljack

transformersThis feature is usually ‘What I Bought Today’, but there’s a backup in the HQ of awesome toys I haven’t gotten around to opening. Yesterday, the USPS was kind enough to drop off a box from Hong Kong which contained the latest Masterpiece Transformer – Wheeljack. I picked him up off eBay, but all your favorite shops with import Transformers should have this guy.

Package Bio: No idea…the box text is in Japanese.

Thoughts: There aren’t many toys that I’ll import, but Masterpiece Transformers make the cut. Upon opening his box, you are greeted by Wheeljack in his  Lancia Stratos Turbo 5 rally car mode, the instruction manual, collectors card, a small bag containing two sets of rear view mirrors, his rocket launcher, rocket and laser pistol. In his car mode, Wheeljack is about 6″ long and 3″ wide. From a scale perspective, he fits right in with other MP Autobots. The paint details in car made are spot on and super clean, his green and red stripes look fantastic.

The Transformers from car to robot was mostly intuitive, except for the step where you flip his shoulders up and into their locked position. For the life of me, I could not get these shoulders in place…I got so frustrated I watched a youtube review to learn that no, I wasn’t missing something. Finally they just sort of fell into place, I guess I shouldn’t ever move him now since I’m not sure I’ll be able to repeat this.

In robot mode, Wheeljack stands just over 7″ tall from feet to the tip of his wings. He fits in nicely with the other MP Autobots. As with the other Masterpiece Transformers, this is essentially the definitive G1 Wheeljack toy, he’s essentially perfect. I’m not even sure what else needs to be said…he’s just about perfect.

Summary: Wheeljack was always one of my favorite G1 Transformers, in fact in the gallery below you can see a comparison between my original G1 toy and this new Masterpiece edition. Wheeljack is a shining example of the Masterpiece line, beautiful car mode and a near perfect robot mode. If you’re a G1 fan, go ahead and import him now…if he shows up in Toys R Us, he’s going to be about the same price as he is imported.


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