What I Opened Today: Marvel Legends Star-Lord

marvel_logoThis feature is usually ‘What I Bought Today’, but there’s a backup in the HQ of awesome toys I haven’t gotten around to opening. Since it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon, let’s open some toys…starting with the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Star-Lord.

Package Bio: With the universe in peril, Interstellar adventurer Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord) assembles a ragtag team of cosmic misfits to defend it: the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thoughts: Like most of the movie-going audience, I thought the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was the bees-knees…and being an action figure collector, I’ve slowly been picking up the entire wave of Marvel Legends figures from the movie. In figure form, Star-Lord does not disappoint. Decked out in his trench coat and ankle rockets, Star-Lord includes two heads letting you display him masked or looking very Chris Pratt-ish. Other accessories included with the figure are Star-Lord’s twin blasters, a walkman with headphones and the orb that contains the latest infinity gem.

Regarding the sculpt and articulation, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from a Marvel Legends figure – namely it’s on point and includes articulated ankles, knees, thigh, hip, waist, shoulders, bicep, elbow, wrist, chest and neck. When doing a review of a Legends figure I should just say when the articulation or sculpt disappoint…which hasn’t happened yet (maybe because I never wrote up that 90’s Jean Grey!).

The build-a-figure for the Guardians of the Galaxy wave is Groot and Star-Lord comes with Groot’s left arm. It’s a very nice arm and eventually I’ll get an entire Groot built. As it is now, I have a leg and Groot’s upper body.

Summary: Ever since the re-focusing of Marvel Legends into more movie-centric waves, it’s been firing on all cylinders. Star-Lord is another fine example of why Marvel Legends is such a popular line…and he’s not hard to find at retails, so make him yours!

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