What I Opened Today: Marvel Legends Storm

marvel_logoThe X-Men themed Toys R Us Exclusive wave of Marvel Legends are in-stores now. This wave features Cyclops, Wolverine, Stryfe, Storm and Magneto and a build-a-figure of Jubliee. In the case pack, Magneto and Storm are packed just one per case, so when I saw Storm hanging on the pegs, I had to grab her.

Package Bio: A veteran of countless missions as one of the X-Men, this weather-wielding warrior now bears responsibility for a new generation of mutants as headmistress of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Thoughts: This latest Storm Marvel Legends figure showcases her current look, complete with mohawk. Overall the figure is a beauty, the mohawk is sculpted superbly, the body sculpt is excellent (no weird hip area on this one), Storm’s face is well sculpted and detailed and all the body’s paint apps are clean. Storm also features quite a few points articulation with joints including: rocker ankles, knees, thigh swivel, hips, mid-chest joint, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. The one thing that is a bit strange is her soft-goods cape,which is made from a thin vinyl-ey material. Mine got a bit creased up in the package and those folds seem to be sticking around, maybe they’ll relax out, or maybe they won’t.  It does seems to be an odd choice of material.

The Jubilee build-a-figure part that’s included with Storm is Jubilee’s torso, legs and jacket….well over half of Jubilee. The other parts are included with Stryfe (head), Cyclops (arm) and Magneto (other arm). While there wasn’t really a way around this, having an armless, headless Jubilee in the bubble with Storm looks weird, almost as if there was a factory error and a two-pack was mis-assembled. It might have looked better had the build-a-figure parts been lower in the bubble hidden by the Marvel Legends logo, but then I’d likely note that you couldn’t see what you were getting.

Summary: I’ve liked the other Legends figures I’ve reviewed (yes Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man that includes you) but Storm takes it to a new level. With Storm, I understand what all the Legends fans talk about. She’s just fantastic. From a great base body with excellent articulation to a fantastic headsculpt with incredible mohawk. It’s unfortunate she’s single-packed in a case, which will make her hard to pick up. This is one that everyone should have.

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