Guardians of the Galaxy Spotlight – Ronan & Star-Lord

GotG Logo TNMarvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ opened last weekend to huge box office numbers and over the past few days I’ve been looking at some of the new Hasbro product available. With ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Hasbro introduced a smaller scale of figure which would let them offer figure compatible vehicles at an affordable price point. How do these sub-3″ figures stack up? Keep reading for a look at Ronan and Star-Lord.

Thoughts: For under $10, the package includes Ronan, Star-Lord, a large weapon for Star-Lord and a sprue with additional weapons and accessories. Each figure has 5 points of articulation: hips, shoulders and neck. Each figure is also small. They feel much smaller in my hands than they look in the package, if that makes any sense. Despite their size the figures do feature a good amount of sculpted and painted detail. Ronan, in particular, has some great details sculpted into his robe. Also working for Ronan is that his ‘skirt’ piece fits quite well which is not the case for the bottom half of Star-Lord’s jacket. On both figures there’s a ton of sculpted details, which if the figures were larger would have gotten some paint decos.

The included accessories are fine, but nothing particularly compelling. Star-Lord’s weapon against Ronan can also fire a missle and Ronan’s hammer is one of the weapons. Of course it’s translucent and purple, but at least he has it…and who doesn’t love a throwback to Playmates’ Star Trek: The Next Generation toy line (this is what I’m telling myself). I’m not entirely sure what the other two accessories may be a shield and the other a knifey gun thing? I’ll probably put these in a bin and never see them again.

Summary: I’m a bit torn on these figures, frankly. I appreciate the need to shrink them down to enable affordable vehicles, but sadly the figures alone are not compelling. It will be interesting to see if my perspective changes tomorrow when I plan to take a look at the Milano, Star-Lord’s ship. For the next 24 hours at least, I’ll be wishing these were 3 3/4″ figures.


These two figures were included in an awesome box of Guardians toys from the folks at Hasbro and HunterPR. Thanks for the opportunity to play with this stuff!

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