Titans Merchandise Announces Two New Series of Vinyls – Buffy and Dragon Age

Titan Logo TNWhen I woke up this morning, there was an email from the folks at Titan Merchandise that was so good, I was pretty sure I was still dreaming. This morning they announced a series of vinyl collectibles based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This set of 12 vinyls includes all the core cast – Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz, Giles, Faith, Angelus, Spike, Drusilla, the Mayor, the Master and Buffy as a vampire. There will also be 4 chase vinyls – one of which is probably a regular Angel (and maybe Spike and Drusilla). Each figure is right around 3″ in size and includes a character specific accessory and are blind boxed. These should be available in January 2015, a perfect way to start a year of collecting amazing stuff – these are simply fantastic.

Then awhile after I woke up, saw the Buffy announcement was real, a second announcement popped in my inbox – the Dragon Age Heroes of Thedas collection. Collecting characters from across the series, this range includes Alistair the Grey Warden, the ‘Witch Of The Wilds’ Flemeth, Fenris the elven warrior, even a Mabari War Hound – and of course a Dragon! Each figure is 3″ blind-boxed and some come with a character specific accessory and like Buffy there are 12 different characters with 4 chase. These are due out in December.

Titans Merchandising Buffy Titans Merchandising Dragon Age


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