Marvel Begins Revealing SDCC Exclusives

SDCC 2014 logo bMarvel Comics has begun the process of revealing their SDCC exclusives which includes shirts, comics, and more. Today we’ve got two reveals straight from Marvel and one fron an AwesomeToyBlog favorite company. All these products will be available at the Marvel booth – #2329 – the booth is right in the middle of the floor and it’s huge…if you’re at the show you will not miss it.

The first two exclusives revealed by the fine folks at Marvel are a limited edition Rocket Raccoon Ravager variant plush and women’s SSR tee. The SSR is the top secret Strategic Scientific Reserve, the goverment agency founded by Howard Stark which  is top secret government agency that was founded by Howard Stark and employed Peggy Carter. These both are pictured below.

The other Marvel reveal I have today is from our friends at ToonTumblers – who offer the best comic and cartoon glassware. Today their facebook page came alive with their first post since last SDCC and they detailed out their SDCC plans which include “5 exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Toon Tumblers for Marvel. These will be sold exclusively at the Marvel booth and include Rocket Racoon, Star-Lord, Gamorra, Drax, and Groot. “. Stay tuned for pictures of these glasses.

Agent_Carter_SSR_Ladies_T-Shirt Rocket_Raccoon_Ravager_Variant_Plush

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