Bootleg Edition of EvelFett Coming to SDCC via Retro Outlaw

SDCC 2014 logo bLast year, Retro Outlaw made quite a splash with their Boba Fett / Evel Knievel mash-up EvelFett vinyl figure. This year EvelFett returns to SDCC but with a Suckadelic twist. The Sucklord has left his stamp on EvelFett and this year you can pick up the EvelFett Bootleg Edition. Check it out below and if you’re going to be at SDCC head to booth #1220 for Retro Outlaw to check out Fett and their other cool products. They’ve had some A+ t-shirt designs in the past…so I’m sure they’ll have some good stuff this year.

Evel Fett Bootleg Edition

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