What I Bought Today: Mr Potato Head Mixable Mashable Heroes Starscream

wibt tn Item: Mr. Potato Head as Starscream
Line: Mixable, Mashable Heroes
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Store: Toys R Us

Thoughts: The Mixable, Mashable Heroes were one of the things that caught my eye during my second trip to Hasbro’s showroom during Toy Fair. If you were to take Optimash Prime or Spider Spud, shrink it down and mix in the Super Hero Mashers concept – this is what you’d end up with; a 2 3/4″ inch Mr. Potato Head dressed up as Starscream with interchangeable parts that let him have a jet form or swap with other Mixable, Mashable Heroes (Transformers or Marvel ones). Also you’d end up with a fun, little, awesome toy.

I’m not sure Starscream is often considered adorable – but a potato dressed up as Starscream most certainly is. Starscream’s robot mode has four pieces – the central potato, feet, a torso-ish piece with his arms and a helmet / wing piece. Starscream’s jet mode is made by taking off the helmet and feet, and putting the potato and arms into a jet base and adding a cockpit and tail engines. I thought it was a little weird for a jet to have arms, so I took the arm/torso piece off and liked that just a bit more.

I am a bit disappointed that there is not a single Decepticon insignia anywhere on Starscream. Otherwise the deco, while simple, is good.

Summary: For $7.99, this Mixable, Mashable Heroes Starscream is just about perfect. He’s absolutely adorable, the parts switching gimmick works well enough and the robot mode is a totally passsable Mr. Potato Head dressed up as Starscream. A very happy Starscream, at that! It’s a fun little toy, nothing more, nothing less. I’ll be buying more of these – I mean, have you seen the Grimlock? He’s amazing.


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