What I Bought Today: Masterpiece Transformers G2 Sideswipe

wibt tn Item: G2 Sideswipe
Line: Masterpiece Transformers
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Store: Ebay

Bio/Package Text: No idea…it’s a Japanese Import

Thoughts: I had no intention of getting the G2 version of Masterpiece Sideswipe…at least until twitter got involved. Adam16bit chimed in about how fantastic it was, then T16skyhopp retweeted PaxCybertron‘s ebay auction which was fantastically priced. I quickly pressed ‘Buy it now’ and then blamed the three of them publicly. Yesterday he arrived at my house…Sideswipe, that is.

Masterpiece Sideswipe is, in my opinion, the best Masterpiece Transformer yet (sorry Soundwave). Both the robot and car models are spot on, with an interesting yet not frustrating conversion between the two modes. While the G1 version is near iconic, the G2 version is a more fun take on the character. G2 Sideswipe includes a number of extra accessories which make it a bit bonkers. These include a sword, two big guns (all of which can fit onto his roof in car mode) and two spiked wheel shoulder accessories. His face also has a bit more personality than his G1 counterpart – he’s sporting a 90’s style XTREME scowl.

My only complaint with this figure is that it includes a sticker sheet – right out of the box G2 Sideswipe doesn’t even have his Autobot insignia. While I appreciate the choice between a G1 or G2 symbol, I’d prefer it be painted on by the factory so it’d be perfect. The other decals let you go full on G2 with Sideswipe as they are green highlights. I’m pretty sure I’ll break down and put the G2 Autobot insignia on, but I’ll likely leave these others off.

Summary: This figure is great – like I said, Sideswipe is the best Masterpiece Transformer yet. If you don’t have either G1 or G2 and you think you want to check him out…get the G2 version. If you have the G1 version, it’s a bit of a tougher sell…and ultimately up to you to choose if a different paint job, different head and a few extra weaspons is worth the $65+ he’ll run ya.  Personally, it was…but don’t look for me to bite on Tiger Tracks!


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