Toy Fair 2014 – Bandai

tf14 tnToday was the first day of the 2014 International Toy Fair, and Bandai was among the showrooms I visited today. Among the product on display was the return of Tamagotchi, featuring more characters than ever and new features. A new line of collectible, model kit figures – Sprukits as well as old favorites such as the Power Rangers and Digimon.

The Sprukits are perhaps my favorite thing I saw at the show today. The Batman and Halo models look incredible and the price points are very reasonable with the most basic of sets priced around $10. I hope these are a big success, since the concept and first pieces looked fantastic!

Many of the new Power Rangers toys have action features that are unlocked with collectible Power Ranger keys. One great example is that you put a key into the Morpher and it activates sounds specific to that Ranger. Very cool!

Check out all the showroom photography below – official images and descriptions will be added later in the week!

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