Two Additional SDCC Mimobots Revealed – Klingon Captain and Galaxor2

SDCC 2013 logoSDCC is here, well, at least the first day is and Mimoco’s squeezed in one more announcement of a few new items they’ll have at the show, including two exclusives. As always, these drives are available in speeds up to USB 3.0 and include exclusive Mimory content. Check them out below.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2013, Mimoco® Unleashes New MIMOBOT® Designer USB Flash Drives

Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon Captain MIMOBOT

Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon Captain MIMOBOT, edition of 1000, in collaboration with CBS Consumer Products. Klingon Captain is Mimoco’s first plunge into the universe launched by the major motion picture Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. As one of the few alien races to show up in every series, it was only a matter of time before the Klingons had a MIMOBOT of their very own. Klingon Captain MIMOBOT comes with a helmet which, when removed, reveals a menacing grimace underneath. Only 1000 Klingon Captain MIMOBOTs are being manufactured, so get your hands on them before Kirk does!

Core Series Galaxor2 MIMOBOT

Mimoco’s own Core Series Galaxor2 MIMOBOT, edition of 400. You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Galaxor2 is your link to the past and future of Mimoco’s Core Series as well as another connection between Earth and Galaxy 4210. Mimoco’s Core Series MIMOBOTS are crucial to the safety of your documents, music, photos, and data as well as the health of the inhabitants of Planet Blõôh! Only 400 Galaxor2 MIMOBOT clones are in existence.

And debuting at the show:

Adventure Time Marceline MIMOBOT

Adventure Time Marceline MIMOBOT, in collaboration with Cartoon Network. Marceline may be the Vampire Queen but there’s no need to fear her. Just don’t do anything stupid like eat her French fries, steal her shirt, or wear something red, and you’ll be fine. Now that she’s joined the MIMOBOT ranks alongside her friends Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Fiona, BMO Rainbow, and the LTD. ED. Ice King you can have the whole Adventure Time crew ready to protect your memories!

ST_Klingon_MIMOBOT_612x612 CoreSeries_Galaxor2_MIMOBOT_3up_social_612x612



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