3DRetro Releasing Brandi Milne’s ‘Sugar Lamb, Go’ at SDCC

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3DRetro announced a new SDCC exclusive today, Brandi Milne’s ‘Sugar Lamb, Go’. This is the second “Ride” figure produced by 3DRetro with Brandi Milne. This piece is 7 inches across and is limited to 200 pieces. It is priced at $90, and you’ll have a chance for the artist to sign her art at the 3DRetro booth. On her piece:
“I’m excited to release and finally talk about my vinyl figure with 3D Retro! The second of a two figure series, Lamb Ride, Go! is based on my painting “Carousel Flight; Lamb Face”. The thought behind the painting is the possibility of escaping life’s seriousness and taking a ride in the sky on your favorite carousel ride from your youth. Forever. I hope the figure can spread some of that nostalgic joy to art fans everywhere.” – Brandi Milne

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