NECA’s SDCC HeroClix Exclusives

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In addition to their already announced SDCC exclusives (including the NES version of Jason, which I must have), NECA’s subsidiary WizKids Games has two HeroClix SDCC exclusives. One exclusive is from the DC Comics universe and the other from the Marvel Universe. Both are available at booth #3145 at SDCC.

DC HeroClix: Trinity of Sin Team Base – $25

Based upon content from the upcoming DC Comics’ “Trinity War” Justice League-crossover event, the Trinity of Sin are Pandora, the Phantom Stranger, and The Question! Accused of being Earth’s greatest transgressors, these three characters are together for the first time in HeroClix in this 2013 DC HeroClix summer convention exclusive. The Trinity of Sin come together on a team base, or can be played or displayed on individual bases as well, all 100% Heroclix compatible for use in the DC HeroClix tabletop game.

Marvel HeroClix: Shuma Gorath – $50

Shuma Gorath is the 2013 Marvel HeroClix summer convention exclusive. Shuma Gorath stands an impressive 7″ tall and features both a poseable eye and 100% HeroClix-compatible combat dial for use in the popular Marvel HeroClix tabletop game.

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