Lego Unveils Amazingly Cool Full Scale Lego X-Wing Fighter In Times Square

lego logoLast week Lego sent out teasers to many media outlets promoting their new animated miniseries ‘The Yoda Chronicles’ (premiering May 29 on Cartoon Network) – mine is in the queue to be photographed for AwesomeToyBlog. The box promised there’d be a big secret revealed, but I don’t think anyone expected the secret to be this big. Today in Times Square Lego unveiled a full sized X-Wing Fighter constructed out of Lego bricks. This 46,000 lb model is built from 5.3 million Lego bricks. This build took 32 people 17,336 hours to build.  I’ll let those numbers sink in for a minute.

The full sized Lego X-Wing Fighter is on display in Times Square for three days and will then head to the west coast where it’ll be on display at Legoland for the remainder of the year. And be sure to watch The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network premiering May 29th. You can see Lego’s gallery of the unveiling here on Facebook.

Lego Xwing fighter in times square



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