Bif Bang Pow! Doctor Who Week Day 5 – Scaroth

Doctor Who logo2013 is a huge year for Doctor Who, the acclaimed series celebrates it’s 50th anniversary! We here at AwesomeToyBlog HQ couldn’t be more excited and to celebrate we are taking this week to shine a light on some of the new products available from Bif Bang Pow!

Today’s item is the the retro-action figure of Scaroth, from the classic 4th Doctor story “City of Death”. Scaroth was the last of the Jagartoh, and was split across 12 different eras of Earth’s history where he was influencing technological development so that one day he could construct a time machine and prevent the accident that wiped out his race (and simultaneously provided the spark that began the development of life on Earth). Now on to the toy – one thing I’d like to note from the get-go, which I haven’t mentioned in any of the other reviews of figures from waves 3 and 4, is that the loose bubble problem from waves 1 and 2 has been resolved – these figures are securely on card. If you’re a MOC collector, you shouldn’t have any problems with these figures remaining trapped. The figure itself is quite good – Scaroth’s white suit not only is screen accurate, but it is nicely made and fits the figure well. Arguably Scaroth is one of the show’s best dressed aliens! Scaroth’s head sculpt is also quite good – the paint details are excellent and clean. I’m very pleased with this figure (and the others in waves 3 and 4). You can find all the Bif Bang Pow! retro line at Entertainment Earth and other fine retailers.



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