Bif Bang Pow! Doctor Who Week Day 4 – Leela

Doctor Who logo2013 is a huge year for Doctor Who, the acclaimed series celebrates it’s 50th anniversary! We here at AwesomeToyBlog HQ couldn’t be more excited and to celebrate we are taking this week to shine a light on some of the new products available from Bif Bang Pow!

Today’s item is the the action figure of Leela, the 4th Doctor’s savage companion. Leela,  partnered with Suhtekh make up the 3rd series of retro figures. As excellent as Suhtekh is, I’m not as excited by Leela. The 8″ retro aesthetic isn’t as kind to an animal skin clad warrior woman as it is to a fully robed Egyptian God. The cloth costume is still quite good, and features a good amount of detail. The head sculpt is good, but it does feel a bit out of scale with the body – if Leela had a full costume on, which would add bulk, it would likely look proportional, but given her scant apparel, it is a bit oversized. I also think that the sculpted hair isn’t completely successful – I’d love to see Leela with some rooted hair. These criticisms aside it’s awesome that there’s an update to the classic Denys Fisher Leela figure. It’s fitting that Leela was Bif Bang Pow!’s first (of many, I hope!) companion.


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