TEDCO Toys Re-releases the ‘Gravitron’

TEDCO toys sent out a press release today announcing they were re-releasing their Gravitron gyroscope spaceship after a four year absence. This isn’t the sort of thing I’d usually post here on AwesomeToyBlog, but as a kid I always enjoyed playing with gyroscope and this one, being a spaceship and all, is pretty darned cool.  Check it out below – and after the jump read the entire press release.

Tedco Toys gravitron

Hagerstown, IN  April 17, 2013 – TEDCO Toys, a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of science and educational toys, announced they have resumed manufacturing of their Gravitron after a four year absence. An interactive galactic action toy powered by a gyroscope, the Gravitron has been re-introduced due to popular demand.

“The Gravitron was a top seller for many years but we ceased production in 2008 due to manufacturing challenges. We listened to our customers and have now improved our manufacturing processes and re-introduced the Gravitron,” said Jane Shadle, TEDCO Toys Vice-President. “Although the overall spaceship design has stayed the same, we have updated the colors and packaging to be more contemporary and attractive to kids.”

The Gravitron is a gyroscope that demonstrates the scientific principles of Newton’s laws of motion, gyroscopic balance and center of gravity. Designed with a pull-through T-handle that makes it easy for even small children to use, the Gravitron looks like a spaceship and comes in green and orange. The Gravitron’s ability to defy gravity allows children to perform amazing tricks while exploring science. The Gravitron stimulates auditory and tactile senses, making it a wonderful toy for children on the autism spectrum.

The Gravitron retails for $8.50 and comes with a T-handle, pedestal and instructions for performing gravity-defying tricks. It is available on a peggable hang card or in a styrene box and will be available to ship from www.tedcotoys.com on May 15th.

Tedco Toys, founded in 1983, and headquartered in Hagerstown, Indiana, manufactures science and educational toys including the Original Gyroscope, Pet Tornado, Light Crystal Prism and Precision Gyroscope. Tedco’s Original Gyroscope won the Parents’ Choice Award by the Parents’ Choice Foundation and their Pet Tornado was named one of the top ten science toys for kids for 2012-13 by Squidoo.


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