Final Iron Man 3 Minimates Revealed

dst-logo1The final three Iron Man 3 Minimates have been revelead as being the Iron Man Mark 17 – Artillery Level RT Suit (“Heartbreaker” Armor), Iron Man Mark 33 – Enhanced Energy Suit (“Silver Centurion” Armor), and Iron Man Mark 41 – Skeleton Suit (“Bones” Armor) . The Silver Centurion Armor and Bones Armor will come in one two-pack, while the Heartbreaker Armor will come with a figure of a partially armored Tony Stark. Each armor has a removable helmet with Tony Stark’s face underneath, and comes with an interchangeable hair piece; all four figures will be exclusively available at Toys “R” Us.

Toys “R” Us will share two additional 2-packs – Iron Man Mark 42 with the Mandarin and Iron Patriot with the Extremis Soldier – with the specialty market, while War Machine with Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian with Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark will only be available in comic shops and specialty stores as part of Marvel Minimates Series 49.

The Iron Man 3 Assortments of Minimates will be in stores late April.

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