Underground Toys Teasing New Classic Set Reveal

Doctor Who logoUnderground Toys (one of our favorites here at AwesomeToyBlog HQ) is having some fun with their twitter today, tweeting out teaser images of tomorrow’s announcement. The facts that we know are is that it is a classic release from the 70’s era of Who. The set includes 3 figures, 1 entirely new and the other variants of previously released figures. Based on the images below – it is most likely that the new 3 packs is from ‘Claws of Axos’ and includes new version of Jo Grant, the Brigadier and features an entirely new figure of a ‘human’ Axon. Do remember that when Katy Manning was photographed with prototypes of her figures – one was the ‘3 Doctors’ version and the other ‘Claws of Axos’

Interestingly – on their twitter feed Underground Toys does acknowledge that Bok (from ‘The Daemons’) has been prototyped and looks great – perhaps a sign of another upcoming announcement.

See the teasers below and the reveal tomorrow!

Undergroud Toys Teaser 2 Underground Toys Teaser 1

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