Toy Fair 2013 – Playhut’s Mystixx

TF2013 LogoI would describe Playhut’s Mystixx dolls as an higher end doll with a creepy fun vibe. These dolls have both day and night looks, day and night (monster) faces and day and night hair. The transformation between day and night is achieved through swapping outfits, turning the head around and changing the doll’s wig. It’s a really cool way to get two dolls in one and supports the idea that these nice girls turn into these ghoulish girls. The line launched with Mystixx vampires and is expanding this year to include Mystixx Grimm and Mystixx Zombies.

They also had Mysfits on display, smaller figures that feature mix and match parts, letting you make your own unique creations.  Check them all out in the gallery below – and after the gallery there’s a bonus video!

[nggallery id=182]

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