Toy Fair 2013 – Playmates Toys

TF2013 LogoA year ago, for Toy Fair 2012, Playmates stole the pre-show thunder with their announcement that they’d be bringing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back to the pegs across America. Their return was a huge success with Playmates striking a near balance of toys that would appeal to both collectors and kids. Playmates also scored big with their release of the collector’s ‘retro’ Turtles with their amazing articulation and cartoon accuracy. From the look for their 2013 showroom, the goal of the year is to do the same, but bigger! All facets of the line will be expanded, many more basic figures, more vehicles, more playsets and more deluxe collector figures (and the Fab Four will be returning to pegs). Fans have been split on the Rocksteady and Bebop that were on display, but I think they looked great. Check in the gallery and draw your own opinion.

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