Funko + Domo + DC = Awesome

Funko today revealed the best DC Comics crossover since Batman met Scooby-Doo with their new Domo DC Universe Pop! lines. These figures, available in two different sizes take your favorite DC Universe characters and Domo-cize them.

With a release date of February 14th, the DC Domo Pop! vinyl figures are out first. This assortment includes Batman, a Dark Knight Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and the Flash.

The second line of product are ‘Mystery Mini’ Pop figures – blind boxed 2.5″ tall figures. There’s a total of 14 different figures available in this assortment. In the gallery below you’ll see the case ratios for the 14 figures, with the Clark Kent Domo being the rarest – at 1:144 (or 1 in every 6 counter display boxes of 24 each).  Check out the gallery below for a ton of pictures of this epic crossover!

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