STAR TREK The Video Game pre-orders open tomorrow

After making a splash as E3, the release date of STAR TREK The Video Game from Paramount Pictures and NAMCO Bandai Games has been announced as April 23, 2013.  Pre-orders for the game will open tomorrow morning for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.  Folks who pre-order the game will get the “Elite Officer Pack” which includes:

  • Stealth Pack – Kirk and Spock stealth uniforms, plus Starfleet Type IV Stealth Sniper Rifle and extra ammo
  • Brawler Pack – Kirk leather jacket costume and Spock Vulcan Science Academy costume
  • Kelvin Pack – Kirk and Spock U.S.S. Kelvin uniforms, plus U.S.S. Kelvin Hand Phaser
  • Academy Pack – Kirk Academy Uniform, Spock Officer Dress Uniform, plus Academy Phaser
  • Kobayashi Maru Pack – Kirk and Spock Kobayashi Maru uniforms

Check out some artwork from the game below, and for more information check out


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