DVD Review: 100 Greatest Horror Classics

Halloween is literally right around the corner, and if you’ve caught the holiday spirit – or need something to get you in the mood, Mill Creek Entertainment’s 100 Greatest Horror Classics may be what you need. This 100 movie collection includes both the Legends of Horror collection and the Horror Classics collection. I’ve spent a couple of weeks and I’ve had a blast.

The movies included in this collection are all older films featuring some staples of classic horror films – Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and more. There are some amazing, acclaimed pictures included in this collection: Metropolis, Noseratu, The House on Haunted Hill and the original Night of the Living Dead to name a few. The 100 movies are spread across 24 double sided DVDs. From the movies I’ve watched the picture and sound quality are good, but hasn’t been digitally cleaned up or restored.

This collection (as well as both 50 movie sets that make up the 100 movie set) is available on Amazon.com and many other retailers now. If you’re looking to catch some classic horror films that you know and many that you don’t, these sets are for you – and at Amazon’s $16 price it’s too good to pass up! I’ve enjoyed discovering some new films and look forward to spending more time with this collection.

Thanks to Tower PR and Mill Creek Entertainment for providing this set for review. I’ve learned that I really enjoy a Vincent Price movie.

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