30 Rock’s Grizz at NYCC this Saturday, October 13th

Occasionally I get a press release so awesome that I have to post it, even if it’s a bit outside the scope of AwesomeToyBlog. Making an appearance at NYCC is Grizz Chapman, best known as Grizz, a member of Tracey Jordan’s entourage on NBC’s ’30 Rock’.  He’ll be appearing at NYCC this Saturday, October 13th at booth 658 from noon to close doing a meet and greet as well as signing autographs.

While best known from ’30 Rock’, Grizz is is also an advocate for Kidney Disease and a Spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation. In 2010, Grizz was diagnosed with E.S.R.F. (End Stage Renal Failure) and after shedding over 160 lbs, 2 years of dialysis while taping 30 Rock, he underwent a successful kidney transplant.  Since this, he has been on a crusade to raise awareness of kidney disease and the effects it has on the body and has recently formed Team Grizz, which regularly participates in walkathons in support of the organization, including walks around the country, and works to raise awareness and funds to fight kidney disease.

If you’re going to NYCC – be sure to stop by!

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