Figure Spotlight – TeenyMates: Collectible NFL Figures

With the close of Labor Day, the unofficial summer season wraps up and fall pounces upon us out of nowhere. The return of the football season is one of the many hallmarks of fall, so this is the perfect weekend to look at Party Animal Toys’ Teeny Mates – collectible NFL figures.

Teeny Mates are 1″ tall figures of a football team’s quarterback. There are a total of 35 different figures available, one for each of the 32 NFL teams and 3 chase figures – a glow in the dark figure (1 in 64), a throwback Houston Oilers  figure (1 in 96) and a figure with a metallic gold finish  (1 in 192).  Each package includes 2 figures, a checklist and 2 puzzle pieces.  The puzzle (5″ x 7″ when completed) is dual-sided, one side is a football field playset and the other is a mini-poster featuring all 32 teams.

This is the perfect time for these figures to hit, as the blind-bagged collectible mini-figure is hot now. Younger football fans will be particularly into these, as they’re a bit like trading cards – but better. Older fans will like them too, but will probably find the blind bagged nature of the figures frustrating as most will just want their favorite team. And the figures? They’re cute, but not too cute. They’re deformed figures with cartoon proportions, but that really gives them a big helmet which lets feature the team’s logo and color scheme prominently.

I’ve got a few pictures below, you can find Teeny Mates at Target, team shops, and sporting goods, gift and toy stores across the nation.  They’re even on, check them out!

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