Figure Spotlight: SDCC Good Luck Troll

If you’re of a certain age and reading this, then Good Luck Trolls will require no explanation. If you’re a bit younger, then the idea of rubbing a small naked  plastic troll to conjure good luck, may seem a bit odd to you – but I’m guessing that pet rocks would too.
Introduced in1959, these trolls with their distinctive wispy hair were a product of the Dutch. They quickly spread across the globe. Dark Horse is reintroducing the Good Luck Troll to a new generation with collectible, blind-bagged trolls. They launched this past SDCC by offering an exclusive troll.
The troll itself stands 2 1/2 inches tall, with another 3 inches of wispy hair – Don King would be proud. The SDCC exclusive troll is darker shade of neon green, has bright red eyes and arctic white hair. I don’t have a black light in the AwesomeToyBlog HQ, but I have to imagine the white hair would look incredible under black light.  The sculpt is spot on with trolls of yore, and the hair is perfect. Ultimately, this troll is exactly what it should be – I couldn’t be happier.
The rest of the upcoming series is interesting as well. Similar to the Domo Qees, each of the 16 figures will sport a unique deco – including hair color. I just have to see the ‘chromed’ troll in person! These are something to keep your eye on, there’s some great designs on tap.

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