Catching up on DKE Toys SDCC

DKE Toys has announced an insane number of SDCC events and exclusives that I couldn’t keep up! Fortunately they’ve released a cheat sheet that summarizes everything. Whew! They’ll be at booth #4728 – now keep reading for all the news (all is subject to change – will be adding pics as I can!)

Exclusives available Wednesday-Sunday (or until sell out)

Wednesday Release

Thursday Release

  • 11AM 3 Suckadelic Figures and signing with Sucklord
  • The Toy Whose Name We Cannot Speak – 9 available – $150 ea
  • Gay Energon: Roddiums Pride – 40 available – $125 ea
  • Gay Enterprise 2 pack – 30 available – $150 ea
  • 12PM Release: Gold Daibutsu by Erick Scarecrow  – 18 pieces – $140 ea
  • 2PM Release: …Of All Ages by Wilkowski x Horvath Fatwoods – $125 ea
  • 4PM Release: …Of All Ages by Wilkowski x Ferg Misfortune Cat – $125
  • 5PM Signing w/ Ferg and Scott Wilkowski
  • Bunnywith No Legs by Alex Pardee – $5
  • Art Hustle Promo Card of the Day: Jim Mahfood





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