Funko’s latest and greatest news -300, KISS, Big Bang Theory and Ozzy

Funko’s sent out a quick update today with news of summer releases. In fact, in days (the 28th) everyone’s favorite Spartan gets the Pop! treatment as the ‘300’ Leonidus is set to hit a store near you. If you feel that you’re not stared at enough each day, also coming up on the 28th is a Sheldon computer sitter from ‘Big Bang Theory’. Just sit him on your monitor and he’ll give you the eye all day long.

July 12th brings the release of a set of mini-wacky wobblers of KISS. They’re scaled down versions of the KISS Wacky Wobblers, but perhaps with an extra dash of cute.

Then on August 9th, Ozzy Osbourne gets the Wacky Wobbler treatment. Check out pictures of all the Funko goodness below.

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