Kotobukiya reveals ‘The Hunt for the Dark Knight’ ArtFx statue

Kotobukiya sent out a press release today announcing their upcoming ArtFx statue from Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Return’. This statue features Batman kneeling over the Joker, prepared to lay his final blow on his nemesis as the Joker laughs away maniacally. This 1/6th statue is set to be released September 2012 and has a suggested price of $129.99.  Check out images of the statue below, and read the full press release after the jump.  It looks like another awesome Kotobukiya ArtFx statue – can’t wait to see it in person at SDCC.




A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!As one of the most popular comic book superheroes of all time, it’s no surprise that the Dark Knight has appeared quite frequently in Kotobukiya’s lineup of DC Comics ARTFX Statues. And now, Bruce Wayne is back in an incredible reimagining of one of the key scenes in Frank Miller’s masterpiece, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: BATMAN-HUNT THE DARK KNIGHT! A four-issue miniseries released in 1986, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns tells the tale of a future world in which superheroes have retired. An older, angrier Bruce Wayne puts on the costume once again to save Gotham City and in the process encounters one of his most hated enemies, the Joker! Inspired by Miller’s grittystyle, the duo presents a dark, dynamic vision that’ll look great on your shelf.


Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns Batman is much thicker and heavier than most representations of the character, and that’s quite apparent here. The bulky Dark Knight kneels over the prone Joker, holding him down with one hand on his collar while pulling the other back in preparation for the final strike! Perfectly recreating the artwork, the statue is intricately detailed with special attention to Batman’s powerful musculature, the rumpled clothing of the evil clown, the furious expression on the dark hero’s face, and of course Joker’s maniacal laughing. The painting too reflects Miller’s artwork with stark colors and bold strokes.


Sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, The Dark Knight Returns: Batman-Hunt the Dark Knight stands nearly 12 inches tall (1/6th scale) on a special display base that really shows off the action of the scene. Miller’s Dark Knight duo looks great on its own or alongside any of the other dynamic Batman statues from Kotobukiya like the Black Costume ARTFX Statue or the upcoming Batman Dark Knight Rises ARTFX Statue (sold separately)!


srp $129.99

Available September 2012.

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