MattyCollector March kicking off with Madness and Hoverboard

Matty’s got some excitement brewing to kick off the month of March – first up is the opening of the preorder window for the Back To The Future Hoverboard prop replica. Priced at $120 (plus shipping, taxes, etc) – this piece is available for pre-order from March 1st through the 20th. As a bonus for ordering – you will also get a smaller hoverboard in scale to your 6″ figures.  This scaled piece is only available with a pre-order.

Also starting tomorrow are March special prices.  Available with 30% off regular price are:

  • DCU Classics Figure Stands
  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Ray Stantz
  • Ghostbusters™ 6” Peter Venkman
  • Infinite Heroes Figure Stands
  • JLU Darkseid & Kalibak 2-Pack
  • MOTUC Battle Cat®
  • MOTUC Castle Grayskull® Diorama & Stands
  • MOTUC He-Man®
  • MOTUC Panthor®
  • MOTUC She-Ra™
  • MOTUC Skeletor®
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Batman™
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Black Adam
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Darkseid
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Guy Gardner
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ John Stewart
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Martian Manhunter
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ SHAZAM!
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Sinestro
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Superman™
  • Voltron® Blazing Sword Voltron®

And with 10% off:

  • Ghostbusters™ II 2-Pack with 12” Winston Zeddemore & Peter Venkman
  • Ghostbusters™ “Ready to Believe You” 6″ Peter Venkman
  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Winston Zeddemore with Slime Blower
  • Ghostbusters™ II 2-Pack with 12′ Ray Stantz & Egon Spengler
  • Ghostbusters™ II Vigo
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring Goldface / Evil Star / Kyle Rayner
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring Angleman / Firestorm / Killer Frost
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring Heatwave / The Flash / Mirror Master
  • MOTUC Battle Armor® Skeletor®
  • MOTUC Chief Carnivus™
  • MOTUC Demo-Man™
  • MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards™ Figure 2-Pack
  • MOTUC Gygor™
  • MOTUC Hordak®
  • MOTUC Mer-Man®
  • MOTUC Moss Man® (unflocked ears)
  • MOTUC Trap Jaw®
  • MOTUC Battleground Teela®
  • MOTUC Battleground Evil Lynn®

Happy shopping!

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