Toy Fair – Mega Brands – Amazing Spider-Man, Need for Speed and World of Warcraft

As coverage of Mega Brand’s toy fair show room continues, here’s the news on the movie based Amazing Spider-Man line, and the game based Need for Speed and World of Warcraft lines.

Amazing Spider-Man: No images for Spidey, unfortunately but what you expect for this line are sets based both on the movie; film specific scenes and characters and sets that are “expanded universe” where some liberties are taken. As we get closer to the film release, no doubt all the details will be made public.

Need For Speed: Based on the popular video game racing system, the Need For Speed line takes blends collectible cars with construction toys making highly detailed models of actual cars. Mega’s done a great job making these look streamlined and accurate. The basic ‘Build & Collect’ has 8 vehicles with approximately 20 pieces – some of the cars available in this assortment are the Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo and Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.  The ‘Build & Customize’ assortment is the nice size of vehicles in the line, with about 65 parts you can customize any one of 5 vehicles – adding on spoilers, changing hoods, etc.  The Audi R8 Custom Pursuit set includes 2 Audi R8 vehicles, one with parts to build a police car and a escape vehicle. At 330 pieces, the McLaren MP4-12C Custom Garage is the second largest of the sets featuring a car in a display garage wtih customizable pieces. It’s link a mini-showroom.  And finally, the largest set is the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Custom rig, featuring a Lamborghini car and a trailer truck to transport it in.

World of Warcraft: Again, I don’t have images to share, but the line features both highly detailed figures with castles, dragons and other fantasy environments. These sets incorporation action features with launching catapults and firing crossbows. These were really great sets and when I get a hold of some pictures, I’ll add them – these should be a big hit.

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