Toy Fair 2012 – Mega Brands – Power Rangers and Dragons Universe

 On Monday I had the chance to visit the Mega brands showroom at New York Toy fair. Mega had a wide range of products on display including their extensive line of puzzles and their popular Mega Bloks. I zeroed in on their boys lines and saw some really incredible pieces on display. This post will cover the Dragons Universe and Power Rangers offerings.

Dragons Universe:  2012 sees the return of the Dragons Universe line across multiple size ranges. The Micro Dragons blindpack figures each includes one of 8 microdragons an a collectible playing card. The next size in the Dragons Universe is the Dragon & Vehicle assortment which come packaged in a pod and features either and Alliance vehicle of a Predavor dragon. To make building your dragon army a little easier there’s also a 5 Dragons battle pack including 5 dragons, 6 trading cards and 2 microeggs.  Finally the largest toys in the line are the Dragon Egg assortment which each features one of 6 dragons and 6 dragon riders.

Power Rangers Super Samurai:  As with Dragons Universe there are several assortments within Mega’s Power Ranger offerings. Hero Packs are the entrance point to the line, each featuring a higly detailed Power Ranger and their buildable Zord podium. Each Ranger figure has interchangeable weapons and armor. Also available are the Pocket Rancers assorment, small buildable and launchabe cars – these things really go! In the Zords assortment you can pick up each of your favorite Ranger and build their Zords. Alternate builds are also featured online, giving some extendability to the sets – or you can just get creative and make your own Zord. The Showdown assortment features 2 mini-figs and 2 builds a Power Ranger vehicle and a Monster, setting the stage for combat. You can’t have Power Rangers without Megazords – the 3-in-1 Claw Armor Megazord has a Zord mode, animal mode and jet mode and features a Shogun Red Ranger. Finally my personal favorite of the Power Rangers sets – the Claw Battlezord vs. Mooger set where you build a city scape, and control the battle between the mini-scale Battle Zord and Mooger figures. This was really cool, loved the way you could control and fight the figs.


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