Toy Fair 2012 – Bandai Power Rangers

As part of my New York Toy Fair coverage, I had the opportunity to tour the Bandai showroom. I’ve split the coverage into two parts – the first (this one) being dedicated to Power Rangers and the next part covering Ben 10, PacMan, Thundercats and Godzilla.

Basic ‘Power Rangers Super Samurai’ figures are available in two size classes – smaller 4inch figures and new 6.5″ figures that feature a joystick on the back of the figure. Using your thumb on the joystick, you control the battle action.

In the role play assortments, there are basic masks covering all the Rangers. A Red Ranger deluxe  training helmet is also planned, which includes electronic phrases, and enables users to go from Mega mode into Shogun Mode. Power Ranger battle gear will also be available – all the parts; the Spin Sword, Black Box Morpher and Mega Blade Sword are all combinable into the Ultimate Shogun Spear. Finally, lower price point complete role play kits will be avaiable and will include Ranger specific accessories.

On the Zord front – the Zordbuilder collection provides the entry level. The Zordbuilders can also connect to the Deluxe Megazord and create the Gigazord.  Not that zords are the only method of Power Ranger transportation – Sword Cycles will also be available and can connect with deluxe Megazords for added fun.

There will also be construction toy zords as well; however I don’t have pictures of those.  Check below for images from Bandai of their new items.

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