“Kevin Smith: Live from Behind” an AwesomeToyBlog Report

“All dolphins are evil.” This is just one of the few nuggets of knowledge imparted during the “Kevin Smith: Live from Behind” event hosted by Fathom Events. I had the opportunity to attend the event this past Thursday. Billed as an ‘interactive movie’, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. After settling into comfy stadium seating, we waited for the event to begin. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes promptly walked on screen, being transmitted live from a theater in Toronto, Ontario to theaters all across North America. The event was split into two sections, the first was a live recording of Kevin Smith’s podcast – ‘Jay and Silent Bob Get Old’ and the second part was a Q&A featuring questions from the audience in Toronto and from tweeting participants.

Overall, I found the event very enjoyable, almost surprisingly so. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge Kevin Smith fan going into the event; but I quickly realized that I liked Kevin Smith much more than I like Kevin Smith movies. The live podcast was fun, with a loose format that just allowed conversation to flow. If you’ve not heard ‘Jay and Silent Bob Get Old’ and are a fan of Kevin Smith’s be sure to check it out at SModcast.com.

The Q&A was really entertaining. If you’ve been to Comic-con, I’d describe it as solid celebrity panel – but in much better seats with alot more personal space. During the Q&A Smith and Mewes, answered a variety of questions on topics ranging from Smith’s ‘fued’ with Tim Burton; their movie ‘Red State’; plans for “Jay and Silent Bob’s Groovy Cartoon Movie”. The interactive portion worked really well, twitter was the perfect way for questions to be submitted and handled.  This was a really interesting event – I would love for Fathom events to host more similar events with other prominent creators. You can see future Fathom Events by following this link.

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