Livi​ng Dead Dolls 13th Anniversar​y Series Variant Set available from Mezco Direct

Mezco sent out a notice today that their 13th Anniversary Varient set is now available on their Mezco Direct site.  This series tributes the first set of Living Dead Dolls and replicates the original paint operations, accessories and packaging of that first set.   The 5 dolls in the set are:

  • Sadie- Accessories include knife, coffin purse, and bouquet
  • Posey- Comes complete with her rose
  • Sin- Comes complete with pitchfork
  • Eggzorcist- Comes complete with basket and oversized roach
  • Damien- Comes complete with his slingshot and trio of “books”

This set is limited to 240 pieces and available from Mezco Direct.

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