Botcon exclusives in process of being revealed

Botcon, the official Transformers convention, has been revealing their 2012 convention exclusive figures this week. The exclusives set continues their ‘Shattered Glass’ storyline; an alternate reality where Autobots are evil and Decepitcons are good. This year’s figures so far include Gigatron (based on the classics Galvatron mold), a red Tracks (repaint of ‘Reveal the Shield’ Tracks) and Soundwave (based on Classics Ironhide / Ratchet). Images are all at – alt modes are below, head to their site to see robot modes.

As an in-universe GI Joe reference, Shattered Glass Soundwave features a ‘Cold Slither’ logo on his door; the Zartan fronted rock band from the GI Joe episode ‘Cold Slither’.  Soundwave will have a headband, which will be available at the club shop.

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