Have you entered the GeeksForTots contest yet?

With Thanksgiving now in the bag, the holiday season is here full on, and there’s no excuse to have not entered the GeeksForTots contest. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you all that GeeksForTots is the contest where you send in a photo of yourself making a donation to Toys for Tots as entry into a drawing to win one of several fantastic prizes.  I’m also sure that you know that Toys For Tots distributes toys to millions of children at Christmas, ensuring there’s something under the tree for them.  As collectors, we’ve loved these hunks of plastic our whole lives – do your part to help a kid get something he or she will love when they need it the most.  Be sure to donate, and send your entry in – you’ll feel great for donating and the chance of winning a prize is frosting on the cake.  See all the details at www.geeksfortots.com.

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