Thundercats adding 6″ scale collector figures

Bandai’s Thundercats range is expanding to include 6″ scale collector figures featuring characters from both the new (and quite good) Cartoon Network series as well as figures from the classic cartoon.  As part of their Spring line up – the first 6″ figures from the new series will be Tygra with his whip and gun and Cheetara with her battle staff.  One the classics side the first figures will be Lion-O and Mumm-Ra.  All these figures are collector targeted and feature both detailed sculpts and articulation and have a suggested retail price of $14.99.  Pictures of these new figures are in the gallery below.

Fans of the current 8″ scale collector figures needn’t worry about this change – 8″ figures will continue to be made available (exclusives and such, I imagine) with more details on the way soon.  For general information about Bandai’s Thundercats toy line; check out their website –

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