Mezco announces new Batman Mez-itz and Mini-Mez-itz

Mezco is expanding their Batman Mez-itz product line with several new products all due in April of next year.  Inspired by urban vinyl and similar to Mighty Muggs – Mez-itz are stylized vinyl figures where the figures are all based on the same body with the paint deco distinguishing the characters.  The upcoming product includes:

  • 2in Mini Mez-itz 4 pack – including Batman, Joker, Scarecrow and 2-face
  • 2in Mini Mez-itz Batman and Tumbler vehicle based on the Batman Begins vehicle
  • 2in Mini Mez-itz Batman, Joker and Bat-Pod vehicle – packaged in a collectible window box
  • 6in Mez-itz Batman and Joker 2 pack – packaged in a double sided window box allowing you to see both the front and the back of the figure

Pictures of all these new Mezco pieces are below!

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