Kickstarter project for ‘Souls of Toys’; an action figure photography book

Here at the AwesomeToyBlog HQ, I often get emails informing me of topics for the site; most are generic press releases and aren’t terribly interesting but occasionally I’ll get one that gets tagged for posting.  This evening I got an email from photographer Jeremy Schultz asking for some help spreading the work on his project to publish a book of action figure photography.  Titled “Souls of Toys” the book features 80 images from 17 different toy lines ranging from the 1970s to 1990s, collected in a 9”x6” format.  The project is fully funded; but you still have the opportunity to support Jeremy and score a copy of the book for as little as a $25 donation.  I encourage everyone reading this post to head over to his kickstarter page and check it out! Check out Jeremy’s website for more details on this project and his photography.

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