Thundercats premieres tomorrow on Cartoon Network!

Just a quick reminder that the new Thundercats animated series premiers tomorrow, Friday, July 29 at 8 p.m. (ET, PT) on Cartoon Network.  Coinciding with the premiere of the series, Bandai America has its Thundercats line of toys hitting stores any day now.  For details of the toy line, check out my SDCC Thundercats post, check out their website at or keep reading after the jump for Bandai’s press release!


“ThunderCats, Hooo!”: New ThunderCats Toy Line Roars Into Retail Stores Nationwide

ThunderCats Toy Line from Bandai America Incorporated Inspired by the

New Animated Series Premiering on Cartoon Network

CYPRESS, Calif. July 28, 2011 – A new generation of fans and a legion of dedicated collectors are roaring “ThunderCats, Hooo!” with the highly anticipated launch of the new ThunderCats toy line from Bandai America Incorporated and Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP). Timed to the debut of ThunderCats, the new re-imagined animated series from Warner Bros. Animation, the action-packed toys are now available at retail locations nationwide. ThunderCats begins with an hour-long special premiere event on Friday, July 29, at 8 p.m. (ET, PT) on Cartoon Network. Following the premiere, the half-hour show will air regularly on Cartoon Network Friday nights at 8:30 p.m. (ET, PT) beginning August 5.

One of the most iconic animated series of the 1980s and a continuing pop culture force, ThunderCats is an epic tale of a young hero’s journey to fulfill his ultimate destiny. The new ThunderCats series follows Lion-O, the young heir to the throne, who embarks on a great quest to take his rightful place as king. The kingdom of Thundera is threatened by the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, and Lion-O, the unlikely champion, must work with his faithful comrades Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, WilyKat, WilyKit and his loyal pet, Snarf, on his journey to save their world from darkness.

The ThunderCats toy line from Bandai America Incorporated and WBCP brings the magic and adventure of the ThunderCats’ journey to kids and fans of the new and classic series. The new toys fuse sci-fi and sorcery to reignite the thrill of the iconic series, and Bandai’s innovative ThunderLynx magnet activation technology, featured in the 4” figures, vehicles and play sets, brings favorite characters and settings from the animated series to life with interactive lights, sounds and actions.

“As this sweeping story of heroism takes on a 21st century re-imagination, Bandai America is thrilled to offer fans a chance to experience the ThunderCats adventure through our innovative collection of toys,” said Mark Schaffner, Executive Vice President of Toys for Bandai America Incorporated. “Each item in the ThunderCats toy line is crafted with great attention to detail and designed to provide an interactive, imaginative play experience for fans of all ages.”

ThunderCats is set to thrill a new generation of fans and Bandai is the perfect partner to bring the show to life through their imaginative toy offerings,” said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President of Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing for Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “From action figures to vehicles and fantastic role playing, Bandai’s lineup showcases the exciting world and characters of ThunderCats.”

Featured products in the ThunderCats toy line include (For ages 4+):

4” Basic Figure ($7.99 SRP): Crafted with great detail and quality, collectors and kids can play with or display their favorite ThunderCats heroes and villains in their own environment and recreate scenes from the animated series with these dynamic figures. Each 4” figure comes with a weapon and/or an accessory that is unique to the character. All 4” figures feature ThunderLynx magnet technology, which allows the toys to interact with, and activate unique features in, multiple ThunderCats products, including the Deluxe ThunderTank.

Deluxe ThunderTank with Snarf ($29.99 SRP): Roll into battle with the Deluxe ThunderTank and 4” Snarf figure. Kids’ favorite ThunderCats figure can ride inside and unlock special ThunderTank features, including “ThunderCats, Hooo!” sound effects, with the embedded ThunderLynx magnet technology. For serious action, launch ThunderRacers from the ThunderTank with the push of a button.

Deluxe Sword of Omens ($19.99 SRP): Wield the power of Lion-O and become a ThunderCat with the mystic Sword of Omens! With an extendable blade, lights and sounds, kids can let their imaginations roar with Lion-O, on his destined path to become king.

8” Collector Figure ($16.99 SRP): Based on the classic 1980s animated “ThunderCats” series, these highly detailed figures are ideal for collectors and animation fans. Each 8” figure features 18 points of articulation and comes with the character’s iconic weapon.

ThunderCats fans can celebrate the premiere of the show and the launch of the toy line at their own lair with a free “Viewing Party Pack.” The digital party pack includes themed games, recipes, cool art and souvenirs – all the elements fans will need for the ultimate ThunderCats viewing party. The party pack is now available to download at

ThunderCats toys from Bandai America Incorporated will be available at retail locations nationwide. For more information about the ThunderCats toy line, please visit

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