SDCC 2011 – Mini-mates panel

Another day, another few panels.  Up first today is the Mini-mates panel run by Diamond Select Toys.  The panel consists of Chuck Terciera (Director, DST), Digger Mesh (founder Art Asylum), Jason Wires (prototpye painter).  It started with a rundown of the lines offered and what’s new.

Lines: Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Series 3 – Modok included.
Mini-mates MAX
Night ops and Snow ops planned for wave 3
Saw the trailer for the first animated mini-mates “special”
Real Ghostbusters
Calico Jack’s Pirate Raiders
Working on series 2
Femme Fatals – Wave 1 in October, wave 2 in November

Series 2 in August (TRU), September (Specialty shops)
Series 3 Winter
Specialty pirate ship glows in the dark!
Series 3 – Knight Rider and Kitt (TRU)
Series 4 – Munster’s car and Herman Munster

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Series 4 Anniversary Series in November – Halo 1 figures
Vehicles – Rocket Warthog out now, Scorpion Tank due out in Winter
Universal Monsters
Series 2 – TRU in Oct

Series 40 – Captain America movie wave out new
TRU Series 11 and Series 41 are due in August
TRU Series 12 and Series 42 are due in October – Thor and Captain America comic waves
X-Men First Class Box set
X-Men Curse of the Mutants box set

Carrying case – comes with a glow in the dark cartographer from the pirate ship

Battle Beasts Mini-Mates – still coming..someday
DC Mini-mates – No
Back to the Future 3 Delorean with “rail tires” popular idea
‘Fear Itself’ mini-mates — maybe
Digger was inspired to create mini-mates by the simplicity of Kubrick figures, not

so directly Lego inspired
Ninja Turles is unlikely
Animated mini-mates shorts every few months, next up would be pirates
Marvel vehicles?  Nope.
Video game plans?  Not currently; but would be open to doing it
They love the customs community, but not aiming for the ‘art toy’/vinylmation market
Figure based line; environment pieces are tough and not a great fit relaunched
Sports – they’re fans, but tough to do due to licensing would be hard to hit the

Disney? It’s possible, but nothing on tap

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