SDCC 2011 – MattyCollector Fan Panel

Next up on the panels is the MattyCollector fan event.  Keep reading below for all the latest on Mattel’s collector driven lines.
DC Universe
Justice League Unlimited
Convention 3-packs
Matty 3-Packs
7-pack due in November
Legion of Superheroes
12 figure set; available in October
Club Infinite Earths
9 monthly figures, 3 quarterly oversized figures and 1 exclusive figure
Subs go on sale today
The exclusive figure will be a fan’s choice

Legends: exclusive to MattyCollector
6 WWE Legends; Andre the Giant in January, then fan’s choose the next 5 figures.  Voting runs through August 12

Club Lion Force -details on
Pilots each include a piece of the blazing sword, a 2nd head and a key.
The exclusive figure is Sven – includes key and 2nd head

6inch – “Ready to believe you” Egon and Library Ghost
Oct. – “Slime blower” Ray
Dec. – Vigo Scourger of Carpathia, Sorrow of Moldovia
12in – 2 pack of Peter and winston with many accessories (Oct)
– 2 pack of Ray and Egon later…
October Ghost-trap prop replica
Retro-Action Ghostbusters 2pack @ TRU – Janine and Samhain
Subscription – 6 6″ figures + exclusive figure.
Ready to believe you Peter – January
Dana Barrett as Zuul – April
Exclusive – “The Rookie” from the Ghostbusters video game

Masters of the Universe
September 2011 – Leech and Hurricane Hordak
October 2011 – Icarius, Windraider ($40)
November 2011 – Snout Spout and subscriber sticker sheet
November 2011 – Battleground Evil Lyn, Swiftwind! Bubble Power She-Ra
She-Ra has much better hip action, head is swapple-able with 1st She-Ra head…looks great.  And has a bubble wand!
December 2011 – Demo-Man – comes with a 3rd head (which is compatable with Skeletor)
2012 – Subscription; 12 figs, 4 quarterly varients, 4 oversized/multipacks, 1 exclusive fig, 1 map
January 2012 – The Sorceress, $60 Star Sisters 3 pack
Februrary 2012 – Fisto
March 2012 – Kobra Kahn (2 heads), Thunder Punch He-Man
2012 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe
Filmation rights have been secured.
Subscription figure is Shadow Weaver
Mini-comics returning – 3 issue sereies; picking up where vintage comics ended
Create a Character contest!  Now through the end of the year.  Can win a sub

30th Anniversey Series
6 All new MOTU characters; 1 from the 4 Horsemen, 1 from Geoff Johns, other 4 from Mattel
January -Fearless Photog (original winner back in the 80s)
March – Draego-Man

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