SDCC 2011 – Hasbro’s Transformers Panel

It’s time for the my first panel of the convention, the Hasbro Transformers panel.  There’s not much new in the case, so hopefully the design and marketing teams have a few things up their sleeves!

Starting off with Kreo – 28 Kreons in launch, 16 Transformers, 12 humans.

Generations – last wave of 2011: Junkheap – Junkion, Sky Shawdow

Dark of the Moon
Wave 6 – Soundwave (has a transforming satellite dish), Wheeljack
Voyager Wave 4 – Cannon Force Iron Hide – a red G1 inspired deco
Human Alliance Wave 3 – Soundwave with Mr. Gould and Laserbeak
Keep reading after the jump for news on the 2011 Exclusives, 2012 sneak peak and Transformers: the Ride 3D!

2011 Exclusives
TRU – Missions Earth “Transcans”, Masterpiece Rodimus
Target – Twin Twist / Leadfoot
Walmart – Optimus Prime Deluxe, Bumblebee and Sideswipe – # version
Amazon – Movie Inspired Unicron

Transformers Prime
Deluxe Wave 2 – Cliffjumper

Wave 3 – Terrorcon Cliffjumper

Voyagers – Prime and Bulkhead
Entertainment Pack – 3 hero kids, Optimus Megatron and DVD

2012 Preview
Cyberverse Legion Arcee
Cyberverse Wheeljack
Cyberverse Bumblebee
Cyberverse Commander Iron Hide
“Cyberverse is doing very well for us”
Cyberverse Vehicle – Wheeljack’s Spaceship features up interactive light-up features which can work with Commander figures

Prime Deluxe – Soundwave – includes Laserbeak; very alien and cool looking
Wheeljack – includes a G1 design inspiration, but with dual swords

Voyager Skyquake
Voyager features light up weapons

Transformers: the ride
Mark Woodbury – president of Universal Creative as special guest.

The RIDE 3D!
Coming in 2012; Universal Studios Hollywood
working with Michael Bay as creative consultant
Peter Cullen and Frank Welker voicing the ride as well as other original voice actors
Concept: NEST Outpost in middle of Universal Studios which as the last shard of the Allspark.  Decepticons are attacking, we have to get the shard somewhere space with EVAC. From there choas and ride having happens.
Based on the ride there will be
Cyberverse Legions and Deluxe EVAC

War for Cyberton figures?  “Nothing to announce yet” but they’re coming
Lost RTS and Generations wave? Team’s aware of the “shortage” – looking at avenues to get them in stores.
Combiners in Transformers Prime?  Great question for that panel
G1 Soundwave or Shockwave in Generations? “Not right now.”
Spring 2O12 plans may include more “Dark of the Moon” toys
An ‘It Gets Better’ Optimus Prime video?
EVAC Ride Toys – will be available mainline retail and at the park

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