Two additional Mimobots announced for SDCC

Quite awhile ago the SDCC-exclusive MIMOBOT flash drive of Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham City was posted here on AwesomeToyBlog.  Today I got news from Mimoco of two additional SDCC exclusive drives.  These are:

  • Bossk, a limited edition MIMOBOT of Star Wars Trandoshan bounty hunter and cult-favorite
  • Emily the Strange debuts in ‘60s rock poster-inspired “People are Strange” design

In addition to the exclusive drives Mimoco will also offer signings of Lando Calrissian actor, Billy Dee Williams in addition to Tara Strong, the voice of Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkahm City and Emily the Strange creator, Rob Reger.  All three limited edition Comic-Con MIMOBOT flash drives will be available for purchase exclusively at Mimoco’s booth in the Star Wars Pavilion (booth #2913M) and Toy Growers section (#4938).

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