Products added to MattyCollector July 15th sale

It’s shaping up to be quite a big week over on!  Not only is the presale for their SDCC items tomorrow at 9AM Pacific, their regularly monthly sale is set for July 15th.  To make the sale even crazier, Matty has decided to blow out any old stock and will have limited quantities of 25 older items across their Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe and their DC lines.  See the whole list of reissues below.


  • 6″ Ray Stantz Figure
  • 6″ Winston Zeddemore Figure (with trap)
  • 6” Peter Venkman Figure
  • 6” Egon Spengler Figure (with PKE Meter)
  • 6” Walter Peck Figure
  • 12” Peter Venkman Figure
  • 12″ Egon Spengler Figure
  • 12″ Ray Stantz Figure
  • 12” Winston Zeddemore Figure

Masters of the Universe® Classics

  • He-Man Figure
  • Skeletor Figure
  • Battle Cat Figure
  • Zodak Figure
  • Hordak Figure
  • Trap Jaw Figure
  • Evil-Lyn Figure
  • Panthor Figure
  • She-Ra Figure

DC Universe

  • Darkseid & Kalibak 2-Pack
  • JLU Parademon 2-Pack
  • 12” General Zod
  • 12” Superman
  • 12” Lex Luthor
  • 6” Superman

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